Book Review: The Elements of Computing Systems

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. – Isaac Asimov Introduction Computer programming is a passionate hobby for me from my school days. But I ended up taking a degree in electrical engineering. Almost everything I know about computing is self learnt. This is true for a lot of programmers out […]

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How to Improve Your Programming Skills

Talk is cheap. Show me the code – Linus Torvalds Introduction I have been programming professionally for over 16 years. My first language was Java 1.1 and these days I work primarily with Java 7 or Java 8. One of the interesting side effects of a being a programmer is that you are learning new […]

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Small basic language tutorial – programming is fun!

Introduction It was probably in 1989 that I got a chance to work with computers. Our school had one of those machines (don’t remember what it was!) which came with pre-installed BASIC interpreter. Two things stand out in my mind – it had a color display and I could program games in it! From the […]

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