Vehicle Hypothecation Cancellation In Kerala

Introduction I own a Maruti Esteem which I bought around 6 years ago. Like any salaried guy, I bought it on a vehicle loan from a bank. This fact is marked on the registration certificate of the car and is known as hypothecation. Once I complete loan payment, I can remove this from RC card […]

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How to set up an electronics lab/workshop at home

Introduction I have a spare room at home and I have been thinking of setting up an electronics lab there. I did a bit of Googling to see what others have done to create a good electronics lab at home. This post is a summary of the information I have collected so far including all […]

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Making Web 2.0 Buttons in Gimp

Introduction Gimp is a very powerful image manipulation program and best of all it is free! Once you know the basics of Gimp you can use it for most of your graphics needs (why spend gazillion dollars on Photoshop?). Quite often developers need to quickly make buttons or banners for their Web 2.0 applications. This […]

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