Kayikkante Biriyani (Kayees Biriyani) in Mattancherry

Introduction I visit my brother who is staying in Cochin frequently and it gives me an opportunity in exploring interesting places around Cochin. Recently I was in Cochin on the way to Velankanni and we had a full day to spend. My brother suggested a trip to Mattancherry Jew Town and then a biriyani lunch […]

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Ponmudi KTDC Golden Peak Resort Review

Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Ponmudi Map Getting to Golden Peak Resort Golden Peak Resort Review Ponmudi : Nearby Attractions Ponmudi : Nearby Resorts Recommended Itinerary Ponmudi Itinerary Map The Bad Side Ponmudi : Photo Gallery Afterword Online Resources Ponmudi is a very popular hill station located about 60KM from city centre, Thiruvananthapuram district in […]

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Sagara Rani Boat Cruise

Introduction Marine drive in Cochin, Kerala is a popular promenade facing the backwaters. Even though it is called a "drive", the road is actually a walkway. There are a number of shopping centres such as Bay pride mall on the other side of the walkway. There are several boat jetties along the walkway and boats […]

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