Kayikkante Biriyani (Kayees Biriyani) in Mattancherry

Introduction I visit my brother who is staying in Cochin frequently and it gives me an opportunity in exploring interesting places around Cochin. Recently I was in Cochin on the way to Velankanni and we had a full day to spend. My brother suggested a trip to Mattancherry Jew Town and then a biriyani lunch […]

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Ponmudi KTDC Golden Peak Resort Review

Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Ponmudi Map Getting to Golden Peak Resort Golden Peak Resort Review Ponmudi : Nearby Attractions Ponmudi : Nearby Resorts Recommended Itinerary Ponmudi Itinerary Map The Bad Side Ponmudi : Photo Gallery Afterword Online Resources Ponmudi is a very popular hill station located about 60KM from city centre, Thiruvananthapuram district in […]

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Trip to Peppara Dam, Palode Botanical Garden, Dukes Forest Lodge and Ponmudi

It was another free weekend and a glance at the calendar reminded me that the school holidays is going to be over in a few days. We were yet to go on the family trip we had planned for the holidays. This time we decided we will stick to someplace which is easily driveable from […]

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Chalakkudy – Pollachi Road Trip (Via Athirippilly, Sholayar, Malakkappara, Valparai, Aliyar)

Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Chalakkudy – Valparai Trip Accommodation in Valparai Valparai – Pollachi –(Aliyar) Pollachi (Aliyar) – Valparai Valparai – Chalakkudy Recommended Trip Itinerary Places to Visit Route Map Distance Chart Summary Additional Reading Come September 2011, and it was time for another Onam holidays! I had an extended weekend of 4 days […]

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Thenmala Trip Report

Introduction Thenmala is a village located along the valley of the southern ends of Western Ghats in Kerala. Located in Kollam district, it is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India. The word "thenmala" literally means "mountain flowing with honey".  The place derives its name from the abundance of honey along the forests here. Thenmala […]

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Thrissur Pooram 2009 – A photo essay

Introduction Thrissur Pooram is the most famous temple festival of Kerala. The word "Pooram" means "gathering of people" and once you attend Thrissur Pooram, you will realize the meaning better! There were so many people and so much positive energy that I was overwhelmed by all of it. Thrissur Pooram is a Hindu religious festival, […]

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Velankanni shrine basilica travel report – Trivandrum to Velankanni via Trichy

Update: The article updates are provided at the bottom of this article. Also please see my travel report in November, 2012 here – Velankanni By Train. Introduction Velankanni is a coastal village in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. Even though it is commonly known as Velankanni, the correct spelling is Vailankanni. Velankanni is very famous for […]

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Kanyakumari travel report – trip from Trivandrum

Introduction Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) is a village barely 90KM away from my home. It is a tiny Tamil village located at southernmost tip of India and what makes it unique is its location. It is the meeting point of three oceans, namely Indian ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal sea. And if you are […]

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Neyyar dam picnic – one day tour

Recently our prayer group at Vattiyoorkavu church organized a one day tour to Neyyar dam on Gandhi Jayanthi. The tour party had about 50 people enough to fill a tourist bus. The main aim of the trip was to spend a day knowing each other and at the same time enjoy a fun filled day […]

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KSTDC New Bangalore (Bengaluru) conducted tour review

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state in India and is commonly known abroad as the "silicon valley" of India. A large number of IT companies and service industries are located in Bangalore. The average elevation of the city from sea level is about 1000 Metres and hence the climate here is very comfortable compared […]

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