How to Improve Your Programming Skills

Talk is cheap. Show me the code – Linus Torvalds Introduction I have been programming professionally for over 16 years. My first language was Java 1.1 and these days I work primarily with Java 7 or Java 8. One of the interesting side effects of a being a programmer is that you are learning new […]

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Small basic language tutorial – programming is fun!

Introduction It was probably in 1989 that I got a chance to work with computers. Our school had one of those machines (don’t remember what it was!) which came with pre-installed BASIC interpreter. Two things stand out in my mind – it had a color display and I could program games in it! From the […]

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Configuring Apache in front of JBoss Application Server Using mod_jk

Introduction Apache HTTP server is a highly reliable and proven open source/free web server. It is under development for over 15 years and is used extensively to host web sites. Since Apache is very popular and the source code is available, security experts are always looking for any vulnerability. This makes it one of the […]

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