Charity paradox – give more and get more

There is an interesting phenomenon which I noticed throughout my life and I call it the charity paradox. I am not sure whether it is true for everyone, but whenever I give money to people who deserve it I get more money. My father also says the same. He is 65 years old and he says helping people with money only improved his life. He is now a proud father of two successful sons leading a comfortable life.

It is not only about money. As we help others, somehow it feels as if we are blessed with happiness. I have noticed it throughout my life. Whether it is my education, my marriage or my children I have a strange feeling that I have been abundantly blessed. It is not like I am a millionaire. I am just another guy living on monthly paychecks. But that doesn’t stop me from helping people who truly needs it.

When it comes to love, give more and get more is no longer a paradox. You never lose anything by showing care and love to someone else. It is the primary bonding force in your relationships. As long as you show love and care to your partner/children they tolerate your weaknesses. We tend to make mistakes – but the ability to accept the mistake and the courage to ask for forgiveness is what makes you a true human being.

My wife’s second pregnancy was a tough time for me. After sleepless nights and a couple of days after delivery, we were ready to leave the hospital. However in the last minute, a nurse told me that we had to wait for another doctor visit. By this time we had paid all the bills and was ready to leave. I became really angry and unloaded all my anger at the nurse. However within minutes I realized my mistake. The nurses were doing a really tough job and my reaction only made their life hell. It was just 30 minutes more that we had to wait.

When I had such confrontations earlier I used to procrastinate over it for a long time. This time I was ready to correct my mistake. I went back to the nurse, asked her to forgive me and I demanded that she should accept a gift (gave a chocolate bar). That simple action ensured that we left the hospital with happiness.

To lead a happy life, you need empathy and humility. And empathy leads to charity.

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May 1, 2011 | Posted in Opinion 1 Comment » | By Jayson

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  1. Moncy Mohan Says:

    What ever you send to the universe it will come back to you one day. 🙂

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