Beautifully Imperfect – A video on family life

Recently I came across the following public service advertisement by National Family Council of Singapore. It is a moving look at beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect.

Families are building blocks of a healthy society. Breakdown of families will directly lead to the disintegration of any society.

Personally after just a few years of married life, I came to the conclusion that anyone who is given a leadership role must be a married person with children. This is especially true for roles like a judge, police officer, church priest or a school principal. The pressures/joys of a married life instills a certain amount of patience and empathy in us. Anyone who has raised small children would know what I am talking about.

Here is an example from my village. A man (a farmer) with three daughters went to the local church to arrange his eldest daughter’s marriage. The church priest demands Rs. 20,000 as a donation to the church. It is not a request, but is rather a threat. The priest decides to make the life of that farmer a living hell if he refuses to pay the money. The priest has no clue about the situation that this father of three daughters is in. He lacks empathy. And you can’t blame him since he is not married and lacks the perspective of a family man.

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April 29, 2011 | Posted in Opinion No Comments » | By Jayson

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