Repairing an iPhone 3GS Display – My DIY Guide

Broken iPhone 3GS LCD Three months back I bought an iPhone 3GS at a bargain price. iPhone 3GS is one of the best smart phones available in the market and when it comes to user experience there is simply no competition. The only downside is its high price in India.

Within a week of buying it I dropped it! The internal LCD had cracked and within few days, grey lines started appearing on the display (see photo). It was clear that within weeks the entire LCD will turn into a grey display. After a bit of googling I found that it is possible to change the LCD on my own. The only problem was how to get it.

That is when ebay came to the rescue. There are plenty of sellers in who can do international shipping for iPhone 3GS LCD repair kit.  The LCD kit also contains all the tools required for replacement. I ordered an iPhone 3GS LCD kit from ebay and I got it within 10 days. 

Now all I had to do was to follow the iPhone 3GS LCD replacement DIY videos on YouTube or use one of the  DIY photo guides.

However the replacement was not as easy as I thought. The most important thing to remember is that a slight mistake could mean the complete destruction of your phone. So you need to be slow, steady and patient.

iPhone 3GS LCD kit

I used the iPhone 3G LCD replacement instructions provided by The procedure is almost identical for iPhone 3GS. Here are some of my own notes on the instructions given in the above link.

  • Do the replacement during daytime. It is really a nightmare to work under fluorescent lamp.
  • Step 2 is very critical. When you use suction cup never apply too much force as it will rip away the internal cables. Apply increasing pressure and vibrate slightly to get the display detached from the body.
  • In step 9 you peel away a thin black strip. Don’t forget to put it back after changing the LCD panel!
  • The above tutorial is incomplete at Step 13. After getting the LCD out, you need to separate the LCD screen from the metal piece. They are glued together. Use a thin screwdriver to gently separate them. Then attach the metal piece to the new LCD screen (after peeling away screen protectors).
  • Never touch the LCD screen once you remove the protective covering.
  • When putting things back, it is a bit cumbersome to connect the cables. It might take a while to get the Cable 1 back in position. Apply pressure so that it gets locked.
  • The replacement LCD is not as good as the original factory fitted LCD. The seller claims it is OEM LCD, but I doubt it.

So in short, it was a MasterCard experience,

  • Ordering iPhone 3GS LCD kit from US – $50
  • Replacing iPhone 3GS LCD – one hour of my life
  • The joy of fixing a costly Smartphone on my own – priceless!

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    my iphone 3g touch screen was working of its own without touching the screen then i removed the lamination film then it started working porperly. then one day it stopped responding then after 2-3 days it agian started working but this problem appeared again this time screen was not responding and in between that it starts working on its own then after many tries i was able to reset all iphone then phone was showing that it will restart and now when i switch it on it only shows iphone logo nothing more than that plz help me out. what to do with that if need repair then from where i will get that. our local repair center will ask rs 4000-5000 and i m looking to get it repair for less money

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